Windows Into Our Past, Vol 8

Supplemental Data & Associated Families

Thanks to the wonder of the internet, it is easier to become associated with a “new” cousin or two.  I am grateful to the many who have sent corrections, additions, admonishments and praise.  It it they who have provide much to the creation of this eight volume which expands upon the much of information I have already compiled.  Then there are those that just send along a new puzzle for the to scratch my head over and set out searching a resolution to.  Thanks to all those cousins who have helped Volume 8 to become a major supplemental issue.

The document that follows is the result of approximately 3 years of dabbling, snooping, and poking around in an almost innumerable collection of articles, journals, histories, and primary documents that contain information about the settlement of Virginia – and particularly, its southwestern region. It is based, almost entirely, upon the research of others. Because of the many sources I have read and the overlapping nature of many of the accounts and stories, it is impossible for me to give appropriate credit to the correct researcher. Many times it was impossible for me to determine which researcher or writer was the primary one and upon whose work another was built. For this reason, I will only attempt to list those sources that have provided me information without trying to connect a given bit of information with the precise work (or works) from which it came. This volume is a compilation of information that was forwarded to me to be added to my own research, most of the time was spend researching the information required to draw it all together and to present it in some historical framework in which it can be understood and appreciated.


[Adams] [Allen] [Andriessen] [Atkins] [Blankenship] [Bledsoe] [Boggs] [Brewer] [Brewster] [Callicot] [Chrisman] [Cogan] [Cowne] [Crabtree] [Day] [DeBoard] [Delbridge] [Drury] [Ely] [Ferguson] [Flanary] [Golding] [Gonce] [Goode] [Hancock] [Hanger] [Harber] [Hart] [Hicks] [Holt] [Holy Roman Empire] [Hughes] [Jones] [Jonsson] [Kilgore] [Lester] [Livingston] [Ludlow] [Martiau] [Mayer] [Moore] [Munsey] [Norman & Plantagenet] [Parsons] [Pennington] [Pettey] [Reade] [Rice] [Richards] [Roberts] [Robertson] [Rodriguez] [Sanders] [Seal] [Sloan] [Smith] [Steger] [Steinman] [Thompson] [Trainum] [Vaughan] [Warner] [Whiting] [Williamson] [Witt] [Yeary] | Appendix Documents: Appendix A – Clan Douglas Kilgore Notes; Appendix B – A Short Historical Genealogy of the Killgores; Appendix C – A Revised Version of Early Kilgores; Appendix D – Battle of King’s Mountain Notes; Appendix E – Britian’s Queen Mother Dies at 101; Appendix F – Coat-of-Arms; Appendix H – Hawkins County, Tennessee Information; Appendix I – Wedding Ceremonies – 1722 till 1900 the Lutheran and Evangelical Districts Daisbach

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